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Ludovica Anversa

Ludovica Anversa

(Milano, 1996)


Ludovica Anversa lives and works in Milano.
In her paintings, alternating images of used surfaces and more defined areas result in richly layered figurations, in which the images are constantly redefined. Anversa alludes to suspended and indefinable atmospheres by contaminating ambiguous elements with more clearly recognisable ones. Her work researches the oscillations between attraction and repulsion, sensuality and disquiet, the familiar and the unknown.

Anversa studied at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) in Milano where she was Adrian Paci’s assistant for the Painting course. She participated in the artist residency programme at Palazzo Monti (Brescia, 2020) and several other correlated projects. Anversa’s work has been exhibited in Italy and abroad in galleries, foundations, and independent spaces. Her most recent exhibitions include: Gli impermeabili at the Spazio Owo (Milano, 2020); Art Drive-In Generali (Brescia, 2020); Atomi at Giorgio Galotti c/o Motelombroso, (Milano, 2020); Total Recall.Community Art Project for Charity at the Galleria Bianconi, (Milano, 2020). In 2018, Anversa was a participant of the Academiae Youth Art Biennial, Fortezza / Franzensfeste.