Mohsen Baghernejad Moghanjooghi


(1988 - Tehran, Iran)

Mohsen lives and works between Florence and Turin, where he is studying at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts. His work is expressed through a constant investigation of signs, questioning them through instinctive gestures and opposing them against the variability of ideas and imagination. In the way that walking along a path finds in the exploration of the material, the ideal reward of constant exercise in the affirmation of ideas and imagination.

Recent exhibitions: Studiovisit – incontri, visioni, conversazioni su arte e politica, curated by Pietro Gaglianò, Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno (2018); Young at heart, old on the skin, curated by Franko B, Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, Perugia (2018); Primavera, Galleria Raffaella de Chirico, Turin (2018).

Artistic Residencies

three-year plan of manifatturanaturacultura

La Cura


cement, copper sulphate, plaster, chalk on canvas
variable dimensions

adjective and noun
1. adjective – Interior
Defined by its own situation (or by its own radius of action) within the confines of a limited area (as opposed to external, coastal and also to foreign, international): the zones of an island; a question of politics; regulation; regions, which have no access to the sea.
2. noun – Interior
The inside of a confined space or building (in the lit. and fig. sense).

Something that intrigued the artist in residence was that the architecture was changing. Being part of this change as the last person who saw and experienced the original appearance, led him to reflect on the walls, a support he has often used in his artistic work, as forms that change but retain their capacity. He used the plaster from the walls, a material that has always seen the environment from the inside: the relationship between the internal and external façade of the wall exactly matches the one between Mind and Body. The plaster was then mixed with cement and copper sulphate to create the plants.