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Negar Sh

Negar Sh

(Theran, Iran)

Sh is an Iranian artist and graphic designer. She completed her studies in graphics in 2014 and currently attends art school in Italy. Through her artistic commitment she engages in a silent rebellion against the lack of personal and cultural freedom in Iran.

Sh was born after the islamic revolution. In childhood an ambivalent feeling took seed that would later influence her life and artistic research. The image of Khomeini was manipulated by the hands of children who silently defaced his portraits which adorned all Iranian schoolbooks. 

Sh collected these drawings and for this work she the won the 9th edition of the international Autofocus competition (2017). Later the same year, Sh presented her work Gutta Cavat Lapidem at the Casa Gramsci in Torino. Her research reminds us of universal values: just as drops of water slowly carve through stone, Gramsci’s pacifist ideas attempted to erode the violence of a period in history. Sh left Iran in 2011, but her artistic production still reverberates with reflections on the political and religious conditioning exerted by the regime. Examples of this are her works Star of Racism (shown at the Barriera in Milano in 2018) and the chalk sculpture entitled Shake (2019).