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Nicola Ghirardelli

Nicola Ghirardelli 

(Como, 1994)


Nicola Ghirardelli lives and works in Milano.
His works are inspired by a ‘fascination with apparent organic disorder and with the process of creation’. 

Ghirardelli’s work explores the sacred nature of the creative act as analogous to divine creation in a cycle that views ideas arise from form, and vice versa. The images that characterise a culture are based on images which have defined more ancient civilisations and will become fertile ground for our next generations in a continuous process of awakening and hibernation that infuses the iconography with a unique vitality. 

Ghirardelli graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (Milano). Since 2018, his work has been displayed in group exhibitions in Bergamo as part of the sculpture symposium ‘Tracce di paesaggio’.