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Manifattura Tabacchi SOCIAL DISTRICT

new meeting place for the residents and business that make up the micro-entrepreneurial fabric around Manifattura Tabacchi, where they can get to know each other and begin a new form of socialising.

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Aya Design Lab creates handmade designer bags and accessories

As a member of the Manifattura Tabacchi Social District, the designer Ayako Nakamori presents her own brand Aya Design Lab. She creates handmade bags and accessories using natural fabrics such as cotton and linen, all inspired by the concept of ‘slow design’.




I design and make contemporary bags and accessories using natural materials such as cotton and linen. I paint onto the fabrics, I do prints by hand, and I play around with different colours and materials. I like to create these objects, and I like producing them with my own hands.

I design everything from large bags to earrings in fabric, without producing any waste.

I feel very close to the concept of ‘slow design’ in the definition of my work. I look everywhere to find fabric of the highest quality. The yarns, the shoulder straps, the brass accessories, the water-based colours, they all come from Tuscany.

My creations are all unique pieces, all Made in Florence, in limited quantities.

I would define my style as a mix of Japanese simplicity and beautiful Italian colours, creations that make people smile and feel happy. A touch of the artistic in your everyday life. 


Aya Design Lab
by Ayako Nakamori