Elisa Vannini gioielli

elisa vannini gioielli

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Elisa Vannini is a young goldsmith and jewellery designer from Florence.

As someone who has always been fascinated with art, she studied Design at university and then started working in the jewellery-making sector. Today she dreams of opening her own jewellery design business, a project that the lockdown has put on standby. Elisa has made the most of her time during this period to learn how to use the tools of digital communication to present her creations in the most efficient way, through participation in the training programme Social District from Manifattura Tabacchi.

Here Elisa introduces herself, shows the jewellery she makes, and gives useful advice on how to look after it.

Elisa Vannini gioielli

elisa vannini



I’ve always had this love of art within me, but my passion for jewellery became more pronounced while I was studying Design at Florence University, in particular during an apprenticeship at the workshop of Florentine goldsmith Stefano Alinari, where I learned and worked on traditional goldsmith techniques. My university studies were fundamental also for product design and the study of drawing.

Jewellery product design is in fact not just about aesthetics, it’s also technical, and in order to undertake this phase you need to have a deep understanding of the materials and equipment.

After I finished my studies I started working in jewellery-making, with the aim of understanding more about this world, whilst also refining techniques that I had mainly learned through teaching myself.
I actually have more than one job, with the intention of saving money so I can open my own workshop and start my own business as a jewellery designer.

Since the coronavirus entered into all of our lives, all of my work has been setback, above all because shops and suppliers have necessarily been forced to halt their activities.
I have been trying to use this time to concentrate on product design and studies for new pieces that I just can’t wait to start making.

This enforced break has, however, allowed me to put time into areas of my work that I often neglect, like, for example, building a website and trying to find the most efficient ways of brand marketing through social media channels.

Elisa Vannini gioielli

mail: vanninielisa@gmail.com