Workshop with Masbedo

Christmas minus 15


l'armonia art residency

The fifth workshop of the Armonia Residency Programme was led by the artistic duo ‘Masbedo’, formed by Nicolò Masazza and Jacopo Bedogni.

With twenty years of creative collaboration to boast, it is difficult to name all the areas in which Masbedo has researched and experimented. However, a main theme that continues to emerge in their work throughout the years is the interaction between various artistic disciplines, such as theatre, film, performance, and architecture. 


During Masbedo’s workshop held at Manifattura Tabacchi, their focus was the relationship and sharing (in the most literal sense of the term), a theme that is pertinent to contemporary art, an ‘exposed nerve’ of an ‘eroticised society that is connected to increasingly exasperated forms of communication’.

Within the context of group work, the theme of incommunicability persists as it contextually creates the other side of the coin, a sort of Janus Bifrons of the human experience. 

This three-day performative laboratory centred on the collective experience and an inclusive narrative, crucial factors for creating art that is truly contemporary in that it is made by people for people.

When the urgency that inspires work matures, ‘we began to look outside, throwing away the mirror, because there is a world to observe. We started to tell different stories, ones that were more connected to our times and society’.

The collective piece created during this workshop is about people in a particular moment in time. Images of a tragicomic human experience are depicted in just a few minutes of footage: a laid table from which the diners will not eat, an unlived Christmas.