L'armonia - Manifattura Tabacchi


The third edition of the Art Residencies programme at Manifattura Tabacchi

Curated by Sergio Risaliti

NAM – Not A Museum

L’armonia ​​is the third and final chapter of the 3-year Art Residencies Programme, the first two of which were ​La cura e ​La meraviglia​.

L’armonia [harmony] is a magic word that has always been associated with art, beauty and perfection. The Pythagorean philosophers were the first to discuss harmony. They did not use the word “beauty”, but rather used the term “harmony”, a term that was almost certainly coined in their school of philosophy and mathematics. From Plato onward, throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, ‘harmony’ referred to balanced proportions, a measured agreement between different parts and qualities. Harmony was understood as a cosmic presence that permeated everything and was the key to understanding beauty, and was useful to reach perfection in art and architecture, music and poetry, politics and education

Sergio Risaliti


Artisti in Residenza 2020-2021

The project was conceived and curated by ​Sergio Risaliti​, art historian and Director of the Museo Novecento di Firenze, and mentored by ​Paolo Parisi​, artist and professor at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze.
The Residency takes place as part of Manifattura Tabacchi’s experimental, multidisciplinary contemporary art initiatives, NAM – Not A Museum.

This is the essence of the Art Residencies Programme, which emphasises experimentation and will explore photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, installations, and video. The project offers its participants the possibility to interact with artists and curators active on the national and international contemporary art scene through meetings and workshops. This year’s guests include: Francesca Banchelli, Cesare Viel, Rebecca Moccia, Marinella Senatore, Masbedo and Patrick Tuttofuoco.

The young resident artists will also meet: Cristiana Perrella, Paola Nicolin and Paola Ugolini.

Each participating artist will develop an individual project and six group pieces. As in the previous two editions of the Art Residencies Programme, the works completed during the course will be displayed in a final exhibit at the end of January 2021 with a corresponding catalogue edited and published by Manifattura Tabacchi. The L’armonia exhibit will be the culmination of an artistic journey in which experimentation and a multidisciplinary approach are highly encouraged so that each individual artist’s expressive language is effectively communicated.


Gli artisti in residenza
the tutor

Teachers at the Florence Academy of Fine ArtsPaolo Parisi will follow the creative research of the young artists in the role of tutor, organising the work alongside a series of educational activities.

the curator

Sergio Risaliti, art historian and artistic director of Museo Novecento of Florence, is the curator of the three-year project of the artistic residences of the Manifattura Tabacchi.