Photography exhibition Fondazione Studio Marangoni / Workshop Meditation on Beauty.


curated by Lucia Minunno.


25 September – 4 October


First floor B9 – Manifattura Tabacchi


HAPPENING! festival

Created by Letizia Renzini Letizia Renzini.

Realized and produced by NAM – Not A Museum.

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During the entire Happening! event, Fondazione Studio Marangoni – the centre for promoting international photographic culture – will curate the PRIMATI exhibit. The work of four young female photographers, recent graduates of the Corso Triennale di Fotografia e New Media, will be displayed. This three-year study programme has provided these young artists with the tools necessary to structure and experiment in the visual medium and contend with other photographers at the highest levels in both the commercial and artistic fields.

The photographers will actively participate in all the stages of the workshop held by the B9 makers, mòno, Canificio and Duccio Maria Gambi. The workshop is focused on developing a concept and creating scenographic elements for the set of the show entitled Meditation on Beauty by Marina Giovannini.


Curated by: Lucia Minunno for Fondazione Studio Marangoni
Photography: Teresa Bellandi, Giada Castigli, Stefania Mattioli, Stefania Scriva
Production: Fondazione Studio Marangoni

Access will be in full compliance with the measures that the Italian government is taking to combat the spread of COVID-19.


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photo credits Stefania Scriva, 2019


The students will partake in various creative events and performances that arise from Meditation on Beauty. They are encouraged to enter into a dialogue between art forms in adding personal interpretations in reaction to what is occurring in the space between the bodies on stage (both objects and performers), the tempo of the music, and the space-time of the dance.


The photos, which will be displayed on the first floor of Manifattura Tabacchi’s B9 for the entire duration of the Happening! festival, are not meant to be a mere reportage of the workshop: rather, they will represent a visual trace of the reflections of each individual female photographer circa the esthetics, concepts, and practices that will have arisen during Meditation on Beauty as a multidisciplinary laboratory for creative research.



Lucia Minunno is a professor of Art History who teaches at the Fondazione Studio Marangoni’s Corso triennale di Fotografia. She is also a mentor at the SACI (Studio Arts College International) in Florence. She has co-written various texts on artistic education (Mondadori Education and Rizzoli Education). Minunno graduated with a degree in Art History from the Università di Firenze. Before becoming a professor, she was a conservator and curator of contemporary art.