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Canificio is an Atelier based in Largo Annigoni, on stand 18 of the historic market which was located in Piazza dei Ciompi, in Florence. They collect and select both antique and modern objects, as well as designs, furniture, paintings and furnishing accessories.

For the project within B9, Canificio aims to create a hub of applied arts that will become a place of dialogue, collaboration and research. An international point of reference in the production of contemporary design and craftsmanship, combined with the research and recovery of 20th century artworks, through restoration and re-purposing in an iconic and stylistic syncretism.

Inside the atelier, Canificio, in collaboration with Mono, will manage the carpentry and iron working areas. The furniture and objects selected by Canificio and Mono for the outfitting of B9 are all available for purchase.