Il Ciabattino

Il Ciabattino

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A new meeting place for the residents and business that make up the micro-entrepreneurial fabric around Manifattura Tabacchi, where they can get to know each other and begin a new form of socialising.

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Il Ciabattino is a historic shoe repair shop which brings together generations of artisan know-how.

As a member of the Manifattura Tabacchi Social District, Simone Guglielmo, owner of Il Ciabattino, recounts the history of this family business which has been open for over 80 years.

Il Ciabattino

The repair shop is at 161/R Via Ponte alle Mosse and deals mainly in shoe repairs, always looking for new solutions and ways to adapt to the new materials that are used in the modern manufacture of footwear, also selling accessories such as laces and replacement soles.

Always available for advice on repairing and maintaining your beloved footwear, the work that serves my customers is done with very few tools, the same ones that have always been used in my line of work: a tripod, a cobble hammer, a knife and little else, accompanied by a great deal of passion and experience.

Il Ciabattino
by Simone Guglielmo

Via Ponte alle Mosse 161/R
50144 Firenze

opening hours
9:00-12:00 and