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Sarita Graphic Illustrator

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Sara Liguori is a graphic illustrator.

Under the pseudonym of Sarita, she works on projects tied to her love of the beautiful game, football, and her illustrations can be found on t-shirts, tote-bags and hoodies. Sara was a participant in Social District, a Manifattura Tabacchi training project on digital communication, and here she tells us about how football has inspired her work, and how she has used social media to keep the conversation alive with her followers during this period of quarantine.

Sarita Graphic Illustrator

Sarita Graphic Illustrator





Once upon a time there was a girl called Sara who liked drawing footballers.
She liked it so much that everyday she read stories, watched games, and learnt more and more about the beautiful game. Her bookshelves were already heaving with books on football’s greatest stars, with some featuring illustrations of them on the cover.

Taking this as her cue, all of Sara’s drawings look to tell the story of a character or an event, such as during the World Cup in 2018, where every day she drew the player who had been the greatest source of inspiration, finding the story of the game within them.

And then one day, almost for fun, she decided to print these drawings on t-shirts, so that everyone could wear their own individual passion and bring these stories out into the light.

Lockdown initiatives



At the beginning of quarantine, innocently thinking it wouldn’t last more than twenty days, I made an open call for writers where I invited them to contribute a small piece of writing, maximum 300 words, on the theme of derbies (the theme was chosen through a poll on social media), which I would then turn into an illustration.



I will probably be able to start printing t-shirts again on 18 May, and so in the meantime I have been asking my followers to suggest new subjects and themes for a new collection that will be available on the website.


Considering how many books I’ve accumulated on football, I started sharing my recommendations for books to read on my social channels. This took the form of stories on Instagram and also in posts with illustrations on Facebook.

Sara Liguori

Sara Liguori is a graphic illustrator.
She has worked freelance since 2017, but drawing has always been a part of her life. After high school she studied at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts where she graduated in sculpture, followed by a specialist diploma in the preparation and care of exhibition spaces.

As an illustrator she has worked in various sectors: from publishing to business promotion, creating illustrated tables, logos, and graphic content for printed and digital promotions.

She also offers private lessons on design and copy for real and digital design.

Alongside these activities, she has her own artistic project under the pseudonym of Sarita, in which she follows her lifelong passion for football, with her illustrations of its brightest stars gracing t-shirts, tote-bags, and hoodies.


  • Illustrations on request
  • T-Shirt and Hoodies
  • Lessons on traditional and digital design (also available online)