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The knitwear brand that fights for gender equality.



Whispr is a collection of high-quality, versatile knitted garments, built around the concepts of conscience, sustainability and empowerment. The company, conceived and built by women, leads with a strong message: every garment bears a slogan on female empowerment. Through fashion Whispr aims to make women’s voices in the area of equality at work heard.

The capsule collections, entirely produced in Italy, are inspired by current issues and social action, with a clear philosophy:  communicate ‘fast’ and produce and consume ‘slow’.

The brand regularly does creative collaborations with talents in communications, fashion, sustainability using a short and controlled supply chain. The raw materials are of high quality, certified and with attention to the environment.

The Whispr collection sells only online on The number 2030 reported in the url of the site is the year by which, according to the UN agenda, it is necessary achieve gender equality.

The Whispr site is not only an ecommerce but also a community grown through word of mouth. Whoever buys and wears a shirt immediately becomes its ambassador and it is possible to meet other “messengers”: women with the same needs and the same vision, leading figures from different professional worlds, who make their experience available by sharing motivations, problems and solutions.