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Building 13

Facing Piazza Puccini and sitting on the corner of the triangular urban space created between the Mugnone stream and Via delle Cascine, Building 13 is one of the most notable landmarks of the Manifattura Tabacchi. Unlike the compact buildings that characterise the production activities, this building undulates over its two levels, surmounted by a high concrete glass tower. Its importance is underlined by the structural boldness of the twenty-seven-metre high glass block tower that recalls the Marathon tower at the Municipal Stadium of Florence, built by the company Nervi and Bartoli. The curvilinear shape of the front gives plasticity to a building which is wrapped in thin travertine slabs. In the centre, the entrance is marked out by square or low-relief blocks by Francesco Coccia.

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Inaugurated on 4 November 1940 as a recreational site of the State Monopolies, it represents an interface with the city and the neighbourhood. The Puccini Theatre hosted the cinema and, since the 1990s, its regular programming of activities has been based around “satire and the cross-pollination of genres”.